BADALINI Multi Row Rototiller

The multi-row rototiller performs an intense mechanical weedkilling between the rows of crops at a speed up to 6/10 Km/h, pulverizing the soil without damaging the plants.
The working units, in addition to handling the destruction of nearly 100% of the weeds, are also able to perform a proper refinement of the soil surface.

The oversized chains that are used in the Zues models make them extreemely durable. A tine is mounted on every tilling unit and this allows the machine to work in heavy and solid soil. They have their best applications in large row cultivations, such as potatoes, tomatoes, artichokes, and strawberries.
The frame is made of extruded steel section making the machines particularly stiff and robust. The possibility to mount three different kind of blades makes machine very versatile, and capable of adapting to all requirements.


Standard equipment for MZ/ MZa/ ZEUS:

  • EC safety guards;
  • Possibility to mount 3 different types of hoes;
  • Frame in cast steel;
  • ASA 100-H chain;
  • Hexagonal trasmission shaft of 50 mm;
  • Clearance under the shaft 730 mm;
  • Oscillant protections;
  • High resistant hoes and bolts;
  • Chain box with side window for inspection;
  • Front tine on each tilling unit;
  • Couple of wheels of increased width on frame;
  • Cardan shaft with safety bolt.


  • Optional on request:
  • Rotating shaft protections;
  • Manual of hydraulic steering unit;
  • Ridging units;
  • Fertilizer distributor with different capacities;
  • Folding frame for road transport.


Our firm is specialized in the production of agricultural machines for working the soil.

Our machines are employed in agricultural and nursery sector, for working the soil between the plants, sowed or transplanted in rows; or for the mechanical weed destruction in organic farming.