Project Details

Project Description

The client required new pump station and pipeline suitable for water delivery to two centre pivots located 2.7km from pump. As the two pivots were to be operated simultaneously the main pump needed a high volume of water supply, a system comprised of two injection pumps mounted on a floating pontoon was implemented.


– Combination of PN20, PN16 and PN12 200mm Series 2 PVC pipe.

– Hydrant discharge points.

– Continuation of new pivot pipeline with 150mm PVC and connect to existing pipeline.

– Installation of pipeline under road way.

– Manifold and isolation valves from pump discharge to pipeline.

– Pump suction manifold.



– Two Caprari injection pumps mounted on floating pontoon on body of water located 20 meters from pump shed.

– Caprari PM Pump set driven by 200kw electric motor. Frame mounted. Variable Frequency drive.

– System performance delivering 70 l/ps.

– Various valves and connection points.



– Procurement of all pumps, pipe, valves and fittings to complete the project.

– Logistics Management of all equipment, pipe and fittings to site.

– Pump system design and installation.

– Install pipeline.

– Excavate, trench, backfill and compact 2.7km pipeline.

– Earthworks for road crossings.

– Install 2.5km 12volt Pivot control electrical cable.