High efficiency partial flow turbine drive directly coupled to the gearbox (minimum pressure losses in its category )

·  Single-speed gearbox with oil lubrification

·  Safety devices for PTO and rewinding out of the drum

·  Moving transmission through toothed crown, which is placed close to the maximum stress point on the drum

and not pushing against the hose reel borders

·  Leadscrew driven hose layering guide

·  Manual by-pass

·  Speed control

·  Glycerine filled pressure gauge

·  Automatic trolley lift “retractable”

·  Hot galvanised frame, pipework water and components

·  Galvanised sprinkler trolley with adjustable track

·  Accident prevention protections according to CE standard

·  Sprinkler with set of nozzles

·  High resistant low density PE hose

·  Instructions and maintenance handbook

·  CE Certificate

·  Warranty certificate

About Ferbo

Choosing Ferbo, means choosing quality. When buying a Ferbo Irrigator, you are choosing a piece of Irrigation machinery that is affordable, offers premium efficiency and performance and is built to last the operator a lifetime.